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LIDA is proud to partner with one of Long Island's largest birthing hospitals, NYU Langone, formally known as Winthrop, to offer a volunteer doula program. This program provides training to those interested in supporting birthing people. Through this program, laboring people have access to support from hospital-based volunteers who are trained by LIDA's experienced doula trainers. *Please note that volunteer doulas do not replace the services provided by a privately hired doula. 


Questions? Call 631-574-2205 or



Interested in Training to be a hospital based volunteer doula?

Trainings take place twice a year. Sign up for our email list below or check back to see when our next training becomes available.


Interested in receiving support from a volunteer doula while you are in labor?

There is nothing you need to do to sign up for this service. Volunteers are available on the labor and delivery floors.

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